Ukad Shengule

काल मी मराठवाडी कांद्याची पीठ पेरून केलेली भाजी सादर केली तेंव्हा माझा एक मराठवाड्यातल्या पण आता हैद्राबाद येथे स्थाइक झालेल्या चहात्याने मला ऊकड शेंगुळ्याची आठवण करूण दिली !

Ukad Shengule

That is why I am again sharing our age old delicacy ” Ukad Shengule ”
Ingredients = Jawar flour , salt , lal mirchi powder , hing , ajwain (ओवा) , oil , rai , hing and kothimbir !

Method = Take as per your need Jawar flour ,then add to it salt , lal mirchi powder , ajwain and knead ata make make a dhove! Take little dhove and by your hand make figures like heart or like almond ! In a kadhai make phodni with oil rai and ajwain and hing and when done add water and allow it to boil ! Add little salt and lal mirchi powder to the boiling water ! When water states boiling start putting the heart like shapes to which we call as Shengule ! Your Shengule will be cooked after boiling sufficiently in the water ! The water then becomes thick and tasty ! Serve Shengule with pure ghee and achar or paste of achar !
Shengule is a wholesome meals by itself and you need not have anything to be prepared! I love Shengule.! But today I have especially made for you !


Balasaheb Ardhapurkar or “Ardhapurkar Kaka” is an immensely popular figure on the Angat Pangat Facebook Group, and is known for his easy, homely recipes and conversational style.

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