डिंकाचे लाडू (Edible gum Laddus)

Couldn’t fathom my joy with the very thought of writing for the first time, towards our mighty Angat Pangat’s maiden Diwali Ank -2017. The age old tradition of Diwali Ank seems to be making a humble comeback.
It’s not unusual to make Dink laddu (डिंकाचे लाडू) for Diwali too, specially when the winter season hits Diwali and Dink helps keeping our body warm!
Sharing my mom’s recipe, which is actually a recipe of my dear friend’s mom’s, who is from Nashik .A holy city that is also considered to have a huge food culture and various techniques of cooking it and eating it too.
It wasn’t ever this easy 🙂 Try it this Diwali and beyond, it has always been a lot of fun helping my mom to make it!
Let’s get to the recipe now,
Ingredients :-
1/2 kg edible gum (डिंक / गोंद )
1/2 kg dry coconut shreddings
1/2 kg dry dates powder (खारिक पावडर)
1/2 kg sugar
1/4 kg khaskhas (खसखस)
1 cup almond powder (बदाम पावडर)
2 nos of whole nutmegs (जायफळ) powdered
Desi ghee for frying purposes
Recipe :-
Take desi ghee in a kadaai and deep fry the gond until slightly golden in color (it puffs up after being deep fried).
Take some amount of same ghee in a different wok and add the dry dates powder in it to roast it until the aroma is released. Be careful while roasting this dates powder as tends to get burnt (being medium fine in its texture). Let the fried gond and dates powder cool aside (separately).
Now dry roast the khaskhas, and dry coconut shreddings separately to a golden brown hue (an irresistible aroma appears when these get roasted). And keep it all aside to cool.
Now grind the previously roasted gond, dry dates powder separately (will appear like crunchy powdery in its texture) and keep it aside.
Similarly also grind the roasted coconut and khaskhas finely.
Next, grind 1/2 kg sugar, to get a ground sugar that will be added as a sweetener.
In a bigger mixing bowl, add all these ground powders along with nutmeg powder and ground sugar.
Combine the mixture with the help of your hands and try to roll round laddus. Usually, it doesn’t require ghee but in case you find the mixture too crumbly, then some amount of molten ghee can be added.
(P.S. :- These proportions make about 35-40 laddus)
Wishing all the readers, a splendid season of Diwali and an abundance of joy and love ..
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