Angat Pangat started as a Facebook group of food lovers that aimed to unearth and preserve the rich culinary heritage of Maharashtra. Diwali Pangat 2018 is our second issue. This online magazine is a humble effort to revive the tradition of the “Diwali Ank” that is so inherent to a Maharashtrian Diwali.
The bi-lingual format of the magazine hopes to attract attention from the young generation as well as from non-Marathi-speaking communities. Browse through the Essays and Recipes and take a trip down memory lane as our senior members reminisce about food memories from their childhood and our younger, enterprising members experiment with the many sub cuisines of the land and view it through the lens of a new context.
Write to us at angatpangatgroup@gmail.com for inquiries or with your feedback. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Meet the Editorial/Admin team:
Saee Koranne-Khandekar is the founding member of Angat Pangat and the Editor of the Diwali Pangat magazine. She is a published author, and works as a Food Writer and Culinary Consultant in Mumbai.


Shruti Nargundkar is based in Australia, and wears many hats including those of language expert, trainer, writer, and chronicler of traditions.


Preeti Deo is based in the UK, and is a special needs educator and Kathak dancer. She is best known for her project, Ruchira & Videshini (her take on Julie & Julia), in which she cooks through the Ruchira cookbook. She is also a published author, and offers culinary consultancy in the UK.



Hrushikesh Paranjape is an architect and interior designer based in Mumbai. He is also a trained Hindustani classical vocalist and devoted gastronome.


Ruchira Sonalkar is a media professional turned entrepreneur. She runs an enterprise of artisanal jams and condiments, and hosts pop ups in Mumbai.